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    Ecoxotic’s Curvilinear Aquarium Light Patent

    On June 8, 2010 an unassuming patent was issued to Dennis Fredricks for a “Curvilinear Aquarium Light”. The claim in the patent is for an “ornamental design for a curvilinear aquarium light, as shown and described.”  The idea is simple, but potentially extremely helpful when performing tank maintenance. The light is described as an “aquarium light […]

    User Pics of Ecoxotic Photon Cannon

    Ecoxotic’s 50w LED Photon Cannon has begun arriving to eager aquarists. A few weeks GBD reader Rob G. was one of the first aquarists to get his hands on this unit. Enjoy these pictures that should hopefully provide insight into the mounting and color temperature. . So far early users appear relatively happy with their […]

    Ecoxotic Photon Cannon and Edison’s 50w LED

    Ecoxotic Photon Cannon 50w LED Last week I had the pleasure of talking to the D.C. based WAMAS club on modern aquarium lighting–with the focus being LEDs. After the talk I was asked by a few inquisitive reefers, what my honest thoughts were on the new Ecoxotic Photon Cannon LED spotlight that has just started […]

    Ecoxotic Sunparks it with Par38 LED Spotlight

    Ecoxotic has just released information on their new PAR38 LED spotlight. Less the black finish, the light appears identical to the household Sunpark PAR38 LED lamp and the NanoCustoms PAR38 LED spotlight that we’ve previously reviewed. It comes as no surprise that the light also draws 21w and uses Cree LEDs (most likely XR-Es). The […]