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    Fish Stores Dropping Like Flies in Florida?

    florida blue crab : lightis Some recent conversations with Floridian reefers has brought up the aquarium downturn that has hit the Florida stores hard. Some established and growing LFS are thriving in this environment… but others are hurting hard and suffering from trickling cash flow and high overhead. We did a quick search on the website BizBuySell […]

    Fragfarmer Crew Goes Wholesale with Route 66 Marine

    The Gardena, California based specialty shop Fragfarmer has grown a stellar reputation among the rare coral crowd for their impeccable selection and taste. However the updates on the site have lagged because over the past year Eric Caamano and the Fragfarmer crew moved their facility to a new LA warehouse for more space. In doing […]

    Thoughts on Luxury Spending and Marine Aquariums in Today’s Economy

    Via Flickr : Boston Bill Gone are the “Look what I just got” discussions on the internet as well as local clubs, as hobbyists are buckling down during difficult and uncertain times. Sure  you’ve heard the phrase, “This time it’s different”, but it leaves you asking is it really? It is and it isnt. What is new, […]

    Parent Company of Tetra and Marineland Files for Bankruptcy

    More bad news that effects the industry. Spectrum Brands, the consumer product company that makes Tetra, Marineland and even Rayovac batteries filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy on Tuesday as it was unable to make the $25 million interest payment on its debt.  This volunteer Chapter 11 filing  comes as no surprise. Spectrum ended last year […]