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    Mini Fridge + Dosing Pump = Azoox Continuous Feeder

    As Azooxanthellate (“Azoox”) corals become more and more popular, so will automated feeding systems such as this. This regrigerated dosing set up was put together by Michael Lucazyn for his stunning Non-Photosynthetic Reef. Mike’s continuious feeder was inspired by Steve Weast’s set up, with a bit of insight from Matt Wandell on the venturi. In […]

    Bubble Magus BMTO1 Dosing Pumps Roll Out

    Bubble Magus, a Chinese equipment manufacturer known for the low prices and mimicry, has released a peristaltic dosing pump aimed at aquarists itching to try the Balling Method. The pumps can be had for 1300 Yuan or roughly $270 USD. Curious to try it out Adrian, a GBD reader, got his hands on one of […]

    Profilux Stand Alone Dosing Pump Review to Come

    We received our 4-pump Profilux Standalone Dosing Pump unit this week, and will be reviewing the unit as I automize the Balling Light Method on the glassbox. At the moment I plan on individually dose the following components: Calcium, Alkalinity, Magnesium, and VSV. In the future the magnesium will be dropped as it is so […]