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    Avast Marine DIY Cone Skimmer Makes Conical Affordable

    Building on their DIY-kit product line, Avast Marine has introduced their affordable CS1 DIY Cone Skimmer Kit. At $160 + $65 for a Sicce PSK 2500 pump the skimmer is an absolute steal–but it won’t come assembled. That part is up to you. Avast will provide you with literally everything you need to build this […]

    DIY Plasma Lights Now Illuminating Private Aquariums

    Aqua Illumination was the first manufacturer to publicly reveal they were working with Luxim’s Plasma lighting for aquarium use. Now aquarists are going after the tic tac sized lights for an energy efficient alternative to Metal Halides. Plasma lighting is an attractive technology to aquarists due to it’s high intensity, small package, and lack of […]

    Eco-Friendly Glass Zeolite Reactor

    In light of Earth Day, I thought I’d share a recent zeolite reactor “project” that happens to be eco-friendly, recyclable, sanitizable and reusable. Yes I used glass. Acrylic has some terrific qualities, but incase the name of the site didn’t tip you off already– I am just not a fan. It scratches easy and in […]

    Spire Pacific Breeze or Tunze Aquawind?

    Travis, a reader of GBD brought the Spire Pacific Breeze PC Fan to our attention via the comments, and after looking into it sure does look awfully similar to the Tunze Aquawind. We always found it peculiar that the Aquawind came with blue LEDs and a USB port, but now it’s beginning to make a bit more […]

    DIY Reef Sump Build

    We eventually would like to build our own rimless sump, but for the time being we decided to go with a AGA 15g aquarium to convert into a simple 1 baffle sump design.  Our return pump will be an Eheim 1250. With the head loss it will be pumping about 200gph. That may seem like very […]