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    Ciliates, The Next Acropora Pest?

    Ciliates, known for their hair-like cilia exterior, are everwhere in ponds, lakes, the soil and even the ocean. Most aquarists know of at least one species, Cryptocaryon irritans or Marine Ich, but now other ciliates may get an equally bad rep with aquarists . A recent article written by Dr. Shashank Keshavmurthy,  describes a likely link […]

    Amyloodinium and Secondary Infections – Part 2, Freshwater Dips and QT

    This post is a continuance from part 1. Freshwater baths are great for velvet treatment and usually provide temporary relief, but they can also leave open wounds susceptible to infection. First up was Chaetodon declivis, a little food at the surface and a hand scoop and I had him collected for the bath. When performing freshwater baths it’s […]

    Amyloodinium and Secondary Infections – Part 1, How I nearly lost every fish and still may

    I  previously wrote about upcoming changes to our reef, the glassbox, but what has occurred over the past couple weeks was never on the radar. An outbreak of Amyloodinium ocellatum, known as velvet or marine velvet, nearly took the lives of all our fish–and still may from secondary infections, but some how things are looking positive. A few […]