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    Reef News – Caribbean worsens, Sex change in Fungiids, 9yo blogger inspires, 10 steps to save the reef, Carnivorous tunicate…

    Photo by ThinkP. Creative Commons License. Reef related links from around the net. Enjoy and feel free to share your own via comments below. Fish numbers drop in Caribbean after reefs take a beating. The Lionfish are not helping. Fungia repanda and Ctenactis echinata show interesting sex change survival tactics in 3 year study performed by Israeli and […]

    Deepsea Footage of Macropinna microstoma by MBARI

    Photo by MBARI This bizarre fish, Macropinna microstoma, has recently risen to the top of internet popularity. The two green dots within the head of this fish are the lenses to the eyes, which are surrounded by a clear fluid that protects them. This species was first discovered in 1939, however at that time it was […]