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    Secret Sliding Wall for a Stunning Fish Room?

    I will start by admitting I am bit jealous of my suburbanite counterparts. You have yards, and basements…. and typically much more home space than an urban dweller like myself. While my home is by no means small, there is no way I could dedicate some precious real estate in my open floor plan for […]

    Beautiful Glass Cube Aquarium Stand From ADA

    Again Aqua Design Amano shows off its creativity and style, this time with a new aquarium stand made from glass. The Glass cube cabinet comes in clear  or mist, a sandblasted glass that gives a frosted look. It is the same glass used in the construction of ADA’s rimless garden cube aquariums, making the two […]

    Tunto LED Lamp… For Aquariums?

    As LEDs become more and more advanced, so are the ways lighting designers are implementing them into their work. Take a look at the Tunto LED wooden lamp designed by Mikko Kärkkäinen. It is completely smoothed, with all wiring and circuitry done inside the oak ply. Intensity is controlled by the user via touch activation […]