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    Deltec to Release New TC1655 and TC3070s Skimmers

    In an effort to expand their new line of white colored TC and SC skimmers, Deltec has added on a smaller TC1655 model and also rolled out their largest skimmer of the white line, the TC3070s which features increased air numbers and a drastically widened neck. Shown at right is the TC1655 which will be […]

    MACNA XXI : New Deltec TC & SC Skimmers

    For the first time in North America, Deltec showed off their new TC and SC line of skimmers that feature a bundle of new Deltec features–namely the OEM AquaBee / Deltec 5000 Deltec Pump, enlarged neck and air silencer. The external TC line is unique in that it recirculates in a chamber directly below the […]

    Deltec Changes Neck Design? Seen on Video

    Just last week the new white Deltec TC and SC skimmers became available for order. A few blokes in the UK picked these up and something seems slightly different on the photos and videos we’re seeing–the necks are extended approximately 1-2″ for a much more gentle body to neck transition. Back in May we shared […]

    More Info on Deltec’s New TC & SC Skimmers

    Deltec has released additional information on their new white, dual chamber bubble plate line=. The most notable release being their in-sump SC line. The TC and SC acronyms come from Twin Chamber and Single Chamber, with the numbers following represent the body diameter and height. For eample, SC 2560 means an in-sump (single chamber) skimmer with […]

    Deltec’s New TC2560 Skimmer with Bubble Plate and Silencer

    Deltec has released updated photos of their new skimmer featuring bright white construction. We previously wrote about Deltec’s initial prototype and the new TC2560 features the same patented bubble plate and needlewheel pump capable of pulling 1500lph at just 25w on 230v 50hz. Those numbers are from handmade prototypes and Deltec believes the final production […]

    Reef News | New Deltec Line? GA Invasive Species Exhibit, Got vittatus?, Apex, Barry the Seaworm, and Reef Life Magazine

    The rarely collected angelfish, Genicanthus caudovittatus hit local fish stores this week. LiveAquaria picked up a couple pairs… and a trio! Deltec has hinted that new products may be coming out soon. Perhaps utilizing their custom AquaBee 5000 with enlarged volute that we saw on this 3 year old prototype? In the mean time check out their new website: […]