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    The Deep Takes A Great One, Robert Lower Passes Away

    Robert Lower, a 29 year old marine fish collector based out of Hawaii, passed away on Friday evening due to decompression sickness related to a series of deep dives in Kauai. Rob was a technical diver who often descended hundreds of feet with his Inspiration Rebreather, catching some of the most desireable marine ornamentals in […]

    Steinhart’s Anthias Dominated Deep Reef in HD

    Last week I found myself in San Francisco which allowed for a quick browsing of the Steinhart Aquarium and the rest of the California Academy of Sciences. I was fortunate enough to catch up with Steinhart Biologists and aquarium pros, Rich Ross and Matt Wandell who showed me some of the behind the scene tanks […]

    Caring for The French Butterflyfish (Prognathodes guyanensis)

    The Prognathodes genus is  a remarkable group of fish. They are generally reef safe, have striking proportions, handle treatments well (e.g. copper), and have extremely curious personalities. Of them all, the deepwater French Butterflyfish (Prognathodes guyanensis) is arguably the most coveted in the aquarium trade. As I outlined in the P. guyanensis x P. aya hybrid […]

    Research Team Studies Atlantic’s Deep Reef, Stunning Video and New Discoveries

    Steve Ross from the Center for Marine Science at the UNC is leading a research mission that kicked off August 6th, to explore some of the deepest reefs in U.S. waters over a 12 day mission. The 23,000 square mile area stretches from North Carolina to Florida and is currently being researched to see what […]

    Deep Water Roa excelsa Pair Collected Alive!

    Yesterday two Hawaiian Golden Banded Butterflyfish (Roa excelsa) were collected at over 400′ deep by Rufus Kimura and dive partner Jessie Wilson!  This is believed to be the first time the species has been collected alive and the first time Roa excelsa has been available to the hobby. The pair was first sighted at 450ft. Jessie […]

    Tony Wu Shoots the Izu Islands

    The seasonal changes at the Izu Islands has brought in a wide range of unique animals. Who better to capture the influx of deepwater species and juvenile fish than pro photograpgher Tony Wu. In our correspondence with Tony he said it was like being a new diver again. The waters were full of new life […]