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    Schunk Moduletechnik Rolls Out New Controllable DC Pumps

    Schunk Module Technik is new to the aquarium industry, but has vast experience making DC motors; namely electronic motors for automobiles. After a whirlwind of events Schunk is offering these brush less DC pumps direct to the aquarium industry under the Triton name.  As you will notice the original RD2 by Royal Exclusiv looks eerily similar. […]

    Profilux Rolling Out New Additions

    Matthias Gross and the GHL/Profilux team have been busy over the past year conjuring up new additions to push the Profilux Controller into new territory. The first new addition is a simple, but nice feature–a waterproof outdoor grade controller. The Profulux II Outdoor will be available this April in a new waterproof housing and a water protected […]

    New Royal Exclusiv & Vertex Alpha Cone Skimmer – Intro Pricing and More Photos!

    Is this a Bubble King cone skimmer? Not exactly. As we said before, Royal Exclusiv is a maker of “all types” of skimmers only this time they have teamed up with Vertex Aquaristik to create the  new Royal Exclusiv-Vertex Alpha Cone Skimmer. Shown below are the 4 different vacuum-thermoformed cones that will be used on […]

    Red Dragon 2 DC Pumps 350, 750, & Strong Flow Stream Pumps!

    (click any photo to enlarge) The new Red Dragon 2 Titanium DC pumps have been available since MACNA, but now three new models are on their way to North America. The first is the 170w skimmer model which we’ll have more on in the next few days. The second two are the 350w and 750w […]