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    RD2 DC Classic Pumps Surface in Germany

    The long awaited revamp to the Royal Exclusiv Red Dragon DC pump is here. Shown in these photos is the new RD2 DC Classic 75w model. A larger 230w model is said to be available next month. The 75w model pushes 800 to 8,000 l/h (200 – 2,000 gph) with 4.2m max head. We’ve yet […]

    More RD2 Look-a-likes: Blue Eco DC Pumps from Aqua Forte

    Those original “Red Dragon 2 DC Pumps” just wont go away. From Royal Exclusiv to Honcar to Abyzz Venotec (fka Schunk), now the Dutch company Sido is offering a similar looking DC pump named the Blue Eco under the Aqua Forte brand. The pump appears nearly identical, save for blue rather than red molded plastic […]

    RDII Scrapped, Are We Ready for New DC Pumps?

    These photos of an RDII look-a-like DC pump are well over a year old by now, but it shows a product that will likely never reach the hands of aquarists.  8-12 months ago the dialogue on DC brushless pumps were running rampant as were the rumors. I was personally told by multiple equipment manufacturers that […]

    Schunk Tritron Name Change for U.S. Market and Custom Stream Pumps

    Schunk Modultechnik is looking to expand and pentrate into the U.S. market with their Tritron Eco Brushless DC Pumps. However, we may not see them marketed under the Schunk name in North America. We’ve been informed by someone close to the matter that Schunk will be rolling out a new branding effort under the name— Abyz for […]

    Royal Exclusiv’s RDII Skimmer Pump has Arrived

    The 170w RDII DC Skimmer pump by Royal Exclusiv has landed in the US. Some anxious owners already have them in their hands. For those not familiar with DC pumps the  largest benefit is the controllability and efficiency. The RDII’s RPMs are completely controllable, meaning the air pull and water throughput are also controllable. Below are […]

    Dear Mr. Gunther Eheim, I like your DC water pump

    Dear Mr. Gunther Eheim, I have dreamed of a day when your beautiful DC pump range would be extended to match the needs of unfortunate aquarists like myself, who must rely on simple and archaic AC pump designs. As you know, it is unlikely the aquarium industry can sustain the volume required to support the […]