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    New ReefRay Coral Shine LED Pendant from Japan

    ReefRay’s Coral Shine is the latest LED aquarium light to hit Japan. The small pendant fires light from 18 Cree XR-E LEDs drawing 3w each for a total of 54w, plus driver losses. The units come in three standard color temperatures using cool white and royal blue LEDs: 100% White, 50W/50B and 100% Blue. Custom […]

    New Cree LED Breaks Efficacy Records with 186 lumens per watt

    A new Cree prototype has already beat out their newest XP-G LED by achieving 186 lumens per watt in a white LED–making it the industry’s best R&D achievement to date. The LED put out 197 lumens total while driven at 350mA for the 186 l/w. The technology is extremely promising, but keep in mind the […]

    MACNA XXI : Nano Custom’s Japanese Style LED Spotlight

    For me, one of the most exciting products at MACNA was Nano Custom’s PAR38 LED lamp. These lamps screw into your standard E26 household socket, but unlike traditional spotlights the Nano Customs PAR 38 unit is powered by 5 CREE XR-E LEDs driven at ~750mA for roughly 15w of electric consumption. For the first time […]

    CREE XP-G LED Hits New Efficiency Levels – 132 lumens per watt

    One of the most dominate players in LED lighting, CREE has announced the XP-G LED that will soon be the industry’s “brightest and highest-efficiency lighting-class LED”. The cool white XP-G LED hits 132 lumen per watt when driven at 350mA, for total output of 139 lumens. For PAR demanding reefers, when driven at 1A  (~3w) […]