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    Illegal and Trendy Japanese Corals, Yay or Nay?

    The image below was provided to my by Mr. Koji Wada, showing a beautiful aquarium in Japan dominated by Rhizotruchus, Dendrophylia, and Balanophyllia corals. These corals are legal in Japan, but illegal to export. Note, that not all beautiful flabellids are from Japan–however certain species like Rhizotrochus typus are not permitted by CITES making them illegal […]

    Trace Elements, Potential Effects on Coral Color and Zooxanthellae

    Photo by Eric Lafforgue I was recently asked a few questions regarding trace elements and my current dosing regimen. I am not completely ready to share that, but here are some ramblings from that initial dialogue. Dana Riddle has an article coming up on trace elements and coral coloration that we all should be looking forward […]

    Fragfarmer Crew Goes Wholesale with Route 66 Marine

    The Gardena, California based specialty shop Fragfarmer has grown a stellar reputation among the rare coral crowd for their impeccable selection and taste. However the updates on the site have lagged because over the past year Eric Caamano and the Fragfarmer crew moved their facility to a new LA warehouse for more space. In doing […]

    LiveAquaria’s Frag Plug Guide Helps ID Origins of Commercially Propagated Corals

    In the past few years a few commercial coral farms, both aquaculture and mariculture, have popped up offering reef aquarists some of the hardiest and colorful corals through sustainable practices. But every now and then remembering where that special coral came from can be a daunting challenge. Live Aquaria has put together a simple photo […]

    4 Underwater Photography Blogs You Should Know

    Whether you are an avid diver, aquarist, or ocean loving individual these are 4 Underwater Photography blogs that you ought to know. The images by these photographers provide terrific inspiration for all areas of life, not just aquariums. First up,  Tony Wu’s Blog. Tony typically updates his blog every few days, but the wait is […]

    CMAS & Uber Frag Swap in West Chicago

    This past Saturday the Chicago Marine Aquarium Society teamed up with Uberfrags to host the annual Frag swap in West Chicago. Originally Eric Borneman and Matt Pedersen were scheduled to speak, but Eric could not make it to this event so the new Ice Cap man Steve Pro filled in. Steve gave a presentation on poisonous and venomous […]