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    Dutch Government Backed Coral Nursery to Launch

    The Dutch Ministry of Agriculture and aquarium company EcoDeco BV have teamed up to create one of the most promising aquaculture plans to date. Tim Wijgerde of Coral Science writes, “Soon, a small-scale coral nursery will be established near Utrecht, The Netherlands, with two test systems having a total volume of 33,600 liters (8,842 USG). […]

    Waikiki Aquarium Rolling Out New Ark Conservation Effort

    The Waikiki Aquarium currently has over 120 species of corals that hail from local waters and the South Pacific. This large collection is the start of a large conservation effort that will acquire a wealth of knowledge, including a DNA database for future research and propagation. The broader coral farming project seeks to help conserve […]

    New ORA Blue Iris Acropora

    We’ve just been informed that ORA has released a new captive propagated coral named the Blue Iris. We are a bit bummed to see another green with blue tip Acropora from ORA. Many of their corals fit this color scheme with similar bottle brush growth (Roscoes, Joe the Coral, Bellina…) However, we have hope for this Blue […]

    BBC Fiji Coral Gardening Video

    Dedicated coral gardeners are doing their part to restore the declining reefs in Fiji. Watch as these men and women propagate corals and then re-seed the wild reefs in an effort to restore them to their former glory. (Note the vibrant colors and rapid growth!) This is a pilot project currently underway, that is being highlighted […]

    Ft. Lauderdale Gets Electric Stimulated Reef Approved

    Acropora on Bioreef™ by Ari Spenhoff and Dr. Goreau In a terrific move for coral reef conservation, Lauderdale By The Sea (LBTS) has received initial approval to implement a unique artificial reef called Biorock™. LBTS will be working with the Global Coral Reef Alliance to create the artificial Biorock™ reef that is based on a […]

    Eshopps Frag Racks Now Available

    Back in January, Eshopps sent us a Frag Rack to try out before bringing the product to market. After a few minor tweaks the racks are ready and currently for sale in some new colors and sizes. The corner size  we tested above remains the same size, fitting 13 frag plugs and is available in […]