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    Wittenrich Reflects on Designer Clowns in New CORAL

    You say mutant, I say designer. Which ever side you find yourself on, this ethical debate on “designer” clownfish is not ending anytime soon. In the just released July / August issue of CORAL, Matt Wittenrich lays out the single best history of mutant designer clownfish you’ll find to date. Matt provides plenty of points […]

    Shimek Goes Short Nature in CORAL Article

    Recently Dr. Ron Shimek wrote a reflection piece for CORAL magazine on the proposed ban of 82 corals via the CBD. [For more information on the specifics of this proposal, see our previous coverage: 82 Coral Species Proposed for ESA listing.]Let me start by saying Dr. Shimek is a true educator and expert in the […]

    CORAL’s May / June 2009 Issue Ships Tomorrow

    The May/June edition of CORAL ships out to subscribers and newsstands tomorrow. This issue echos many topics that we’ve discussed here on GBD and should be one of the best yet under the new CORAL US Publishers. The main focus is on mouthbrooders, specifically highlighting Banggai Cardinalfish.  Other standout’s include Phillip Schellers piece titled Deep Reef, Hungry […]

    March / April CORAL – Charles Delbeek Speaks the Truth

    Off the glass and on the rocks. Photo by M. Layne. To much delight, I received the March / April CORAL this week. Another great issue all around. Visually, Matthew Wittenrich’s planktonic photography stole the  show. Matt Pedersen’s piece on the future of Harlequin filefish was also quite good… but I have to give it […]

    March/April Issue of CORAL Magazine Shipping out Today

    The new March/April issue of CORAL Magazine is shipping out today. Two articles to watch out for are Matt Pedersen’s piece on the Orangespotted Filefish (Oxymonacanthus longirostris) and a profile on the elusive Gem Tang (Zebrasoma gemmatum). From the tail end of Matt’s presentation I caught at the last CMAS swap, this upcoming article should be quite […]

    Coral Magazine Jan-Feb 2009 Issue – New Site, Aquascape Contest, No T5s?

    This past weekend I had the opportunity to sit down and read the January/February  2009 issue of Coral Magazine. (If you are not subscribed to Coral, I strongly suggest it. I would not hesitate to say that Coral is one of the top reef publications–both in print and online.) In typical Coral/Koralle fashion, this recent issue is […]