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    Reef News: Radioactive Seawater in Japan, ORA Yellowlines, Aquarium Specialty Facelift, Bucket O’ Queens

    Water samples taken near the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant have exhibited radioactive caesium levels 24.8 times the established limit (established by Japanese authorities)while Iodine-131 has been measured 126.7 times greater said limit. What does this mean for Japan’s reefs and ocean life? [via ZeroHedge and WSJ.] ORA yellowline gobies are now available. Not a new release, […]

    Copps’ Reef in HD: Acros and Angels Galore

    If you’re reading this site you’ve likely heard his name before–John Coppolino, or Copps, is a top notch aquarists with a knack for landing some of the rarest fish available and for growing some impeccably colored corals. He’s also the biggest angelfish lover in the industry and a good friend of mine. A few weeks […]