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    ATB Multi Use Cone Skimmer Now Shipping

    The highly anticipated ATB Multi Use Cone skimmer has landed in the United States and is now shipping. This model comes with the necessary plumbing parts to run as a normal insump single pass design, or as a hang on the back design–with the pump placed outside of the tank. These skimmers are powered by […]

    ATB Skimmer Up & Running

    Yesterday I had the opportunity to install the ATB External Small Cone skimmer that I had previously shown. The installation was straight forward and simple, what took time was finding a proper stand to elevate the skimmer above the rim of the sump. Rather than drilling the sump for the skimmers output, the stand gives […]

    Cone Skimmer Craze Reaches New Heights… and Colors

    I am sure many have thought of it. They’re easy to find, affordable, and quickly come to mind when thinking about potential “plastic cones.”  The traffic cone skimmer has arrived thanks to d_pieroni. DIY-genius or DIY-crazy, you can be the judge. Check out the video below and the full photobucket image gallery here.

    New ATB Space Saver Edition fits in tight quarters

    ATB has been working on this design for sometime now in response to user feedback on the overall footprint of the ATB Skimmer line. The Space Saver Edition has the same benefits and features as the standard ATB Cone Skimmer line. However, the the pump has been moved underneath the skimmer body allowing the skimmer […]

    Up Close and Personal with ATB Cone Skimmer

    Since day one, ATB has been at the top of the cone skimmer pack. With the accompanying fanfare, it has developed a large following by users and non-users across the forums for its effective design and terrific customer service. At this early stage I cannot give a final conclusion, but my experiences so far are beginning to […]

    Eshopps Snow Cone Skimmer Released

    And another cone skimmer enters the US market. Take a look at Eshopps’ new Snow series of conical skimmers. The Snow model shown above was revealed to the public at the Global Pet Expo in Florida just a couple weeks ago. Since then they have arrived at retailers. The smallest Snow model measures in at […]