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    Avast Marine DIY Cone Skimmer Makes Conical Affordable

    Building on their DIY-kit product line, Avast Marine has introduced their affordable CS1 DIY Cone Skimmer Kit. At $160 + $65 for a Sicce PSK 2500 pump the skimmer is an absolute steal–but it won’t come assembled. That part is up to you. Avast will provide you with literally everything you need to build this […]

    Go Giga or Go Home. ATB’s Largest Deluxe Skimmer is an Animal

    Check out these fresh pictures of the largest ATB Deluxe Skimmer. ATB’s gargantuan Giga Deluxe Cone skimmer stands 5’9″ tall (1.75m) and slopes upwards from a  a 24″ conical body. It is powered by 3 Airstar 3000 pumps (Askoll 4200 motorblock), with a foot print of 40″ x40″. The standard Giga is powered by 2  x […]

    New ATB Elegance FULL Cone Skimmers & Askoll 900 Based Airstar Pump

    You’re looking at ATB’s newest skimmer, the ATB Large Elegance Cone Skimmer. The upcoming Elegance line separates itself from previous ATB models by featuring a full conical transition from the base, all the way through the neck. The first ATB skimmer to feature this was their Mikro Skimmer, but now a full range of sizes […]

    First Photos of ATB’s Nano Option: The “Mikro” Full Cone Skimmer

    Here’s a look at ATB’s newest cone skimmer that has been designed with the nano reef crowd in mind. This skimmer stands just 18.5″ tall (47 cm) and has a footprint, including the pump, of just 7.8″ x 11.8″ (20 x 30cm). At this time we are unsure of the name this model will bear, but […]

    New Shark Cone Skimmers from JNS

    JNS Aquaria, a reef aquarium equipment manufacturer from Taiwan, has unveiled their latest product line–the JNS Shark series of cone protein skimmers. These foam fractionators have taken design cues from a few brands, and are very reminiscent of the Bubble King Supermarin and the Reef Octopus Hurricone. Nonetheless this is a new style for JNS […]

    New ATB 1050 v 1.5 Cone Skimmer

    ATB will be releasing their new 1050 v1.5 cone skimmer as we head into the New Year. This model shares the same dimensions as the initial ATB 1050 cone skimmer, but features a new molded cone, seamless body and polished white PVC throughout. As most ATB fans can attest to, this release is not shocking–these […]