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    Chicago’s World Reef Conference, October 3-4, 2009

    The World Reef Conference kicks off this October 3rd and 4th in Rosemont, IL thanks to the Chicago Marine Aquarium Society, Uberfrags, and Midwest Frag Fest. Details are short, but expect professional speakers, 22,000 sq ft for frag trading/selling, and access to the Backer Trade Show. In the past the Backer pet industry show was […]

    CMAS & Uber Frag Swap in West Chicago

    This past Saturday the Chicago Marine Aquarium Society teamed up with Uberfrags to host the annual Frag swap in West Chicago. Originally Eric Borneman and Matt Pedersen were scheduled to speak, but Eric could not make it to this event so the new Ice Cap man Steve Pro filled in. Steve gave a presentation on poisonous and venomous […]