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    Gorgeous Percula Raises the Standard for Wild Caught Clowns

    With the recent influx of designer clowns from big companies like ORA and local breeders from around the world, who would have thought that Mother Nature was also busy producing some of her own! Here’s a beautiful wild caught Amphiprion percula that certainly makes for a good conversation piece. A “tear drop” just beneath the […]

    ‘Full Barred’ Captive Bred Latezonatus Clownfish from Karen Brittain

    Look out Latz lovers! Amphiprion latezonatus, commonly known as the wide-band or Latezonatus clownfish, is one of the most desired yet least obtainable species for anemonefish enthusiasts. Their characteristic wide center stripe that broadens with age, distinguishes them from every other species of clownfish. Wild collected “Latz”, as they are affectionately known, have trickled into […]

    Tailless Clownfish Are Just Weird

    Recently Mother Nature has thrown in her two cents on the designer clownfish debate with the Lightning Maroon Clownfish, showing that she may actually make the best “designer clowns” of all. But whether they are natural creations or imposed by humans, sometimes variants are just weird. Take, for example, these wild caught Amphiprion ocellaris tailless […]

    Study Finds Probiotics Boost Size in Captive Bred Juvenile Clownfish

    A recent study performed by researchers from the Università Politecnica delle Marche in Ancona, Italy and the University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute suggests that dietary probiotics may increase the success of captive breeding in marine ornamentals. Researchers supplied the bacterial strain “Lactobacillus rhamnosus IMC 501 to clownfish (A. ocellaris) larvae from the first day posthatch simultaneously […]

    University sells captive bred clownfish, Every bit helps

    Flickr : Nemo Tokai University in Shizuoka, Japan has begun selling “museum-bred” clownfish to help prevent the reckless collection of the popular “Nemo” species.  The University first successfully bred clowns in ’73 and now has bred 11 of the 28 different anemonefish.   Currently they are selling select clowns for $25, marking the first time […]