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    DSPS Video Update: Rare Fish and SPS Eye Candy

    Chingchai is back with a video update of his always immaculate DSPS 1,00g Reef Tank. The rare fish just keep piling in and colored sticks keep growing. Be sure too keep an eye out for the Plectranthias pelicieri and Centropyge resplendens.

    Interrupta, Resplendent, Helfrich, Gem, Achilles, and Crosshatch on Film

    Yes, it’s Chingchai’s insane DSPS Reef Tank from Thailand. Enjoy the eyecandy.

    Chingchai Gives A DSPS Video Update

    Checkout Chingchai’s latest 1080p vid showing the progression of his 1,200g  reef. Enjoy the video and clean up the drool afterwards.

    Chingchai’s Latest HD DSPS 1200g Reef Video

    Here’s the latest video update of Chingchai Uekrongtham’s world class 1200g SPS reef. It has now been filled with corals and fish from his previous tank–including rare fish such as Centropyge interupta, Centropyge respendens, Zebrasoma gemmatum, and Pseudanthias ventralis. Well done Ching, you’ve raised the the bar for aquarists around the world.