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    New Octopus HOB Skimmers Coming with Bubble Blaster Pumps

    Coral Vue / Octopus is working on two new hang on (HOB) skimmers that utilize their askoll like bubble blaster pump. The larger LX-2000 model shown above features the bubble blaster pump mounted externally. This design does add back pressure to the pump, reducing air intake–but over the past few years HOB skimmers have not […]

    China goes OEM with New Laguna like Aquarium Pump

    With the recent popularity of Laguna pumps for both skimmer and flow applications, it was only a matter of time until another manufacturer took notes and created their own. But how similar is too similar? Here is Honya’s take on the Laguna line. If you are asking yourself who is Honya? odds are you have seen their […]