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    Japanese Aquarist Has Success with Obligate Corallivore Butterflyfish

    Obligate coral feeding butterflyfish, like Chaetodon larvatus or C. ornatissimus, are a pipe dream for most. Their beautiful patterns and colors scream for attention, but sadly their dietary needs are rarely met. Because of their stony coral diet, the mortality rate of these obligate corallivores in captivity is near 100%. That is why you should […]

    Banks in, Declivis Out of The Glassbox

    Sometimes mixing fish does not work as planned, and when this happens its important to have a back up plan. As I mentioned last month, after a year of cohabitation and friendliness with one another our Chaetodon declivis and Roaops hybrid had a serious falling out. After removing the Declivis for one week it was […]

    Polyp Nipping and SPS, It’s Only Natural

    I frequently get asked, Do your Butterflyfish pick at your corals? The answer is always the same–Yes, all the time, but I primarily keep SPS corals. Angelfish, Butterflyfish, even Tangs may take a nip at your beloved Acropora collection, but at the end of the day the net effect on SPS is minimal. Polyp extension […]

    Amyloodinium and Secondary Infections – Part 1, How I nearly lost every fish and still may

    I  previously wrote about upcoming changes to our reef, the glassbox, but what has occurred over the past couple weeks was never on the radar. An outbreak of Amyloodinium ocellatum, known as velvet or marine velvet, nearly took the lives of all our fish–and still may from secondary infections, but some how things are looking positive. A few […]

    Photo of 2″ Juvenile Butterflyfish

    Chaetodon collare and Chaetodon xanthocephalus anxiously waiting for their seafood meal. More on these 2″ butterflyfish next week. 

    Randall & Pyle on Roaops (Tinkeri) Butterfly Hybrids from the Marshall Islands

    Lately there has been talk regarding the few Hybrid Roaops Butterflyfish that have been collected. I was fortunate enough to receive the little one shown below. Of the few that have been collected, this specimen shows the most yellow in the crown, hinting at flavocoronatus blood. The Roaops subgenus includes C. tinkeri, C. declivis, C. […]