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    SplashSea Films the Rare Centropyge resplendens

    Japanese marine specialty store SplashSea, has recently uploaded this brief clip showing off the incredibly rare Resplendent Angelfish (Centropyge resplendens). Centropyge resplendens is so rarely seen due to its limited range. Endemic to Ascension Island in the middle of the Atlantic, the collection of this species is a logistical and legal nightmare. Every so often […]

    Captive Bred Hawaiian-Resplendent Angelfish meet ‘Wild’ Resplendent

    A few years back Frank Baensch of RCT fame, was the first to pair and successfully breed Centropyge resplendens x Centropyge fisheri creating unique hybrids that would never occur naturally. That is because C. resplendens is endemic to the Ascension Island in the middle of the South Atlantic while C. fisheri is a Pacific native […]