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    Planctonite Calcium Reactors and “Floyd” Media Reactor

    More simple reefing gear from the spanish outfit Planctonite. I really like the absence of stickers and clutter, as shown here with their Floyd Media Reactor. Cast acrylic, white acrylic caps and schedule 80 pipping—this uncomplicated reactor runs for €130 or $195 USD. Their CARX.120 is a recirculating calcium reactor, reminiscent of Elos and early […]

    Vertex Ventures into Calcium Reactors with new RX4 & RX6

    Vertex Aquaristik is not stopping their progression at the Royal Exclusiv built Alpha Cone Skimmers. Expect to see these new RX Calcium Reactors hitting retailers in the near future. First up is the smaller RX4 which looks like it has taken cues from successful European calcium reactors in the past. If you were to take […]