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    Fish Stores Dropping Like Flies in Florida?

    florida blue crab : lightis Some recent conversations with Floridian reefers has brought up the aquarium downturn that has hit the Florida stores hard. Some established and growing LFS are thriving in this environment… but others are hurting hard and suffering from trickling cash flow and high overhead. We did a quick search on the website BizBuySell […]

    $7 Billion Can Buy Some Stunning Fish!

    Vanity Fair : Don Flood Just ask Sumner Redstone, shown here standing in front of one of his massive display tanks. The 85yo Viacom CEO turns out to be a big time fish collector! Back in 2007 he was worth an estimated 7.6 Billion, but has since taken some substantial hits… Nonetheless he has a fish […]

    GA Aquarium CEO leaves for Las Vegas Sands Corp

    Mike Leven is now the former President and CEO of the Georgia Aquarium. Leven has resigned to take on a new position as Executive Vice President and COO of Las Vegas Sands Corp. He will be moving out to Vegas in April, but will still reside as vice chair for the Georgia Aquarium’ board of […]

    Update from the LED Legal Battle, PFO Still Fighting?

    Since news broke about the pending Orbital Technologies “Orbitec” v PFO case there has been a considerable amount of misinformation being spread across the internet. Despite what you may have read, LEDs are still an option for aquariums and the patent does not encompass the basic application of LEDs to marine aquariums. Last month we received an […]

    Fragfarmer Crew Goes Wholesale with Route 66 Marine

    The Gardena, California based specialty shop Fragfarmer has grown a stellar reputation among the rare coral crowd for their impeccable selection and taste. However the updates on the site have lagged because over the past year Eric Caamano and the Fragfarmer crew moved their facility to a new LA warehouse for more space. In doing […]

    Patents 101 | Does DIY Infringe?

    We brought our intellectual property expert Mike Clifford back in for the last installment of Patents 101 and I think you’ll be a bit surprised on what qualifies as infringement. In fact many LED aquarium users are infringing right now without even knowing it… that is if the Orbitec LED patent withstands.   Although this […]