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    Bubble Magus Goes Slope Style With New Hero Skimmers

    What does Bubble Magus now have in common with the Supermarins, Sharks, and Powercones? Yup, that big sloped neck. These are the new Bubble Magus Hero skimmers, arguably the best looking products from the Chinese manufacturer. BM has released three models shown here from top to bottom: BM Hero 180, BM Hero 220 and BM […]

    Econo-Flip Flop: H&S to Distribute Bubble Magus

    As if further proof was necessary that the world wide recession has impacted our hobby, German based H&S Aquaristik has announced it will now be distributing Bubble Magus products. H&S is also currently selling them direct–through eBay. On their homepage H&S states that they will distribute and sell all models available. Additionally they will back […]

    Bubble Magus BMTO1 Dosing Pumps Roll Out

    Bubble Magus, a Chinese equipment manufacturer known for the low prices and mimicry, has released a peristaltic dosing pump aimed at aquarists itching to try the Balling Method. The pumps can be had for 1300 Yuan or roughly $270 USD. Curious to try it out Adrian, a GBD reader, got his hands on one of […]