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    Royal Exclusiv’s New UV Sterilizer

    Royal Exclusiv is working on a new UV Sterlizer they are calling the UV-C Power Cleaner Disinfection unit, shown next to a Red Dragon pump above. The yet to be priced, but surely not cheap, sterilizer uses Osram’s well known Puritec line of of germicidal UV lamps. These lamps have life spans of over 2,500 […]

    Santa Klaus Delivers THE Bubble King

    GBD Sponsor, Premium Aquatics received a large shipment straight from Mr. Klaus Jensen of Royal Exclusiv of Cologne, Germany. Inside was BK 650 External, a “gift” that one local PA customer was anxiously awaiting. For a size comparison here’s the Alpha 250 Cone on top! The body on this monster is 24″ cast acrylic. This […]

    Royal Exclusiv’s RDII Skimmer Pump has Arrived

    The 170w RDII DC Skimmer pump by Royal Exclusiv has landed in the US. Some anxious owners already have them in their hands. For those not familiar with DC pumps the  largest benefit is the controllability and efficiency. The RDII’s RPMs are completely controllable, meaning the air pull and water throughput are also controllable. Below are […]

    The BK Mini Line, Possible upgrade from Gen 1 to Gen 2?

    Around August when the Supermarin 300 was released by Royal Exclusiv, so was a new generation of Bubble King Mini skimmers. At this time all three models, the 160, 180, and 200, received an overhaul with drastically increased air intake. The 180 and 200 received a complete new venturi, nw, and enlarged volute. Previously the […]

    New Royal Exclusiv & Vertex Alpha Cone Skimmer – Intro Pricing and More Photos!

    Is this a Bubble King cone skimmer? Not exactly. As we said before, Royal Exclusiv is a maker of “all types” of skimmers only this time they have teamed up with Vertex Aquaristik to create the  new Royal Exclusiv-Vertex Alpha Cone Skimmer. Shown below are the 4 different vacuum-thermoformed cones that will be used on […]

    Bubble King Cone Skimmer? Not so fast… Automated?

    Recently some photos have been floating around of a Bubble King Cone Skimmer. The skimmer is infact a creation of Klaus Jensen and the Cologne, Germany based Royal Exclusiv Company. However, the photos are not new and that skimmer is not coming to production anytime too soon–if at all? Update: RE has have teamed up with […]