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    Study Shows PHA Effect on Nitrate in Recirculating Aquaculture Systems

    With the advancement of solid organic carbon dosing, colloquially referred to as BioPellets, one of the fundamental areas lacking has been research. We have yet to find the best method to utilize them. Back in 2006 a company by the name of Aquaculture Systems Technologies received a Phase 1 USDA Small Business Innovative Research award […]

    JNS Puts A New Spin On BioPellet Reactors with Alpha Line

    JNS Alpha 2 BioPellet Reactor in action JNS has literally put a new spin on the BioPellet reactor. As every manufacturer does their best to standout from the crowd, JNS has opted to swirl water in a circular motion within the reactor to create a vortex like flow pattern. The result is a tornado of […]

    Up Close With ATB HQ BioPellets

    ATB has joined the BioPellet party with their ATB HQ BioPellets. ATB’s solid biodegradable media is neither PHA or PCL, but offers many of the same bacterial cultivating characteristics. ATB recommends 500ml of BioPellets per 100 gallons of total system water volume. This amount will set you back $39.99 with 1000ml of ATB Biopellets coming […]

    New BioPellet Reactor by LSS & Reef Octopus

    The latest aquarium product garnering attention in Japan is this BioPellet Reactor design from LSS Laboratory and Reef Octopus. We first saw an early version of of this reactor weeks back with the initial model or prototype in a black color black and featuring a twist on and off top. The reactor has since taken a color change and […]

    D-D Jumps on BioPellet Bandwagon With Nutri-Fix Bio Media

    D-D showed off Bioaquatek’s Marine Bio Pearls at MACNA, but we can’t say we’d expect to see that in the future. Deltec / D-D now has their very own biopellet coming to market: Nutri-Fix NP Bio Media. DD’s BioPellet appears to be PHA–a popular choice. It’s fluidization skills are put to test against what looks to […]

    BRS Bio Pellets are PHA Bacteria Boosters

    As we predicted, discount or bulk sellers are now getting into the solid carbon dosing or BioPellet game. Most notably, Bulk Reef Supply (BRS). Based on the limited number of suppliers, we feel safe in guessing that the BRS Bio Pellets are PHA or Polyhydroxyalkanoates. Seeing as most of the PHA suppliers do not give […]