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    ‘My favorite ocean animal is a little fish with orange polka-dots and a large yellow head’

    As I browsed LiveAquaria this morning I was surprised to see this rarity still available. Yes, I am talking about that $6,000 three inch fish that only the 1% of the 1%, that are actually fish nerds, could justify splurging on. But so far in Amercia it’s not happening. When I got word from Japan […]

    Dive Into Interview Richard Pyle–Favorite Fish?

    Photo by Randall ’92. Creative Commons Dive Into Your Imagination recently sat down with deep water diver and famed ichthyologist Richard Pyle for a fun interview. In it he discusses closer circuit re-breathers, undescribed species, hybridization and mimicry. At the end he is asked,¬†what is your favorite ocean animal?.Without hesitation he states the Dr. Seuss […]