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    Fauna Marin Rolls Out Chemistry Calculator for Ultralith & Balling

    Fauna Marin has rolled out a new download for their Balling Lite and Ultralith lines. Fauna is still working out a few bugs, but the file can be downloaded for free here. Pros: A calculator for both Ultralith & Balling Available in English & German Cons No Apple support Not web based, must download It’s […]

    Bubble Magus BMTO1 Dosing Pumps Roll Out

    Bubble Magus, a Chinese equipment manufacturer known for the low prices and mimicry, has released a peristaltic dosing pump aimed at aquarists itching to try the Balling Method. The pumps can be had for 1300 Yuan or roughly $270 USD. Curious to try it out Adrian, a GBD reader, got his hands on one of […]

    Mixing and Dosing Fauna Marin Balling Salts with Profilux Doser

    Now that our reef, the glassbox, is back up and running with corals and fish it was time to remix some Fauna Marin Balling Solutions and dial them in with the Profilux Dosing Pump. For those unfamiliar with the Balling Method, take a look at this article which explains what it is intended to do […]

    Are You Balling? Fauna Marin Balling Salts

    The Full Line of Fauna Marin Balling Salts To go along with the Profilux Stand Alone Dosing Pump, we’ll be giving the full line of FM Balling Salts a try as well. This includes: Sodium Bicarbonate  Calcium Chloride  Magnesium Sulfate and Magnesium Chloride FM Mineralsalt (NaCl Free Salt) Ultra Trace B  Heavy Metal Komplex Strontium-Barium […]

    GBD Review | Calibration of Profilux Standalone Doser

    GBD’s Profilux Standalone Doser review has been underway over the past couple weeks. Currently we are using the Standalone Doser to pump 3ml of calcium and alkalinity solution 20 times a day, for a total of 60ml of each solution being added over a 24hr period. Balling Salts and Trace Elements from Fauna Marin will […]

    Two Part and Calcium Reactors – Both are Here to Stay, Which is for You?

    Yesterday’s post regarding the ins and outs of reef aquaria prompted some antagonistic comments regarding my statement that the balling method and automated two part is currently  in-trend, making the staple calcium reactor out of trend. Although no justification is needed for such statement, I was under the impression that this early shift was well […]