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    Biopolymers: PCL, Instant Ocean Nitrate Reducer & Tetra GmbH’s Patent

    Instant Ocean’s recently introduced Natural Nitrate Reducer is one of the new biopolymer products on the market aimed at reducing nutrient levels in your aquarium. The product has a gooey consistency filled with small plastic beads–I can only guess what the liquid portion of the product is, but we can say with fair certainty the […]

    Solid Carbon Source Grows NO3 and PO4 Reducing Bacteria

    With the onslaught of the organic carbon source craze, new ideas have been discussed and are now being developed. The solid carbon source idea is one of these. Jean Paul of Reef Interests in the Netherlands that has made this into a practical reality with his NP¬†Biopellets–a bio degradable polymer / organic carbon source media. […]