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    Turbinaria Heronensis Is Like Reniformis On Roids

    Turbinaria reniformis is a hardy, popular and beautiful coral species that adapts quite well to the home aquarium. Most aquarists, however, are not familiar with one of its relatives,┬áTurbinaria heronensis. Colonies of T. heronensis are like a caricature of T. reniformis, in that the coralites are much more prominent, tubular and irregular. Think of Samy […]

    Favorite Aussie Corals May Help In The Fight Against Cancer

    Scientists are directing their attention to our hobby’s favorite vibrant Australian corals. Early reports have not provided information on what specific corals are being utilized, but AFP photos suggest many popular aquarium species (Scolymia sp., Favia sp., etc.) are among those getting researchers excited. A recent trip to Lorde Howe, has triggered a small media […]