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    ATI GridWheel Upgrade Coming for Bubble Master Owners?

    Dwyer obsessed ATI Bubble Master owners itching to squeeze a bit more air into their skimmers may just be in luck. ATI has said they plan to offer their new patented Gridwheel impeller as an upgrade for Bubble Master owners.  In reality the Bubble Master skimmers do not exactly need more air, this upgrade would be more […]

    ATI PowerCone to Make U.S. Debut at MACNA

    The ATI Powercone, featuring their unique Gridwheel impeller, will be unveiled to U.S. Aquarists at MACNA 2010. Greg Morgan and the Reef Geek crew will have the new PowerCone on display; we’re looking to seeing how quiet that 3,000 lph @ 35w really is. Gridwheel diagram from ATI’s patent While researching the new PowerCone skimmer, […]

    New ATI Purple Plus T5 Lamp

    Say hello to the new ATI Purple Plus T5 lamp. ATI’s answer to the popular KZ Fiji Purple provides a blue spectrum that mirrors ATI’s Blue Plus lamp, but also provides some nice warm spikes in the 600 – 700 range. What’s interesting is ATI’s revamped website no longer lists their ATI Pro Color. The […]

    ATI Bubble Master | The skimmer that changed the online hobby?

    Aquarist and blogger Keith Thornhill recently purchased an ATI Bubble Master 200 skimmer for his new rimless AGE build. (If you have not checked out his blog, I encourage you to do so.) When looking at his high resolution photos, I began thinking about the effect this skimmer has made. A little over 2 years […]