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    Battle of the Pinks: DD AquaPink PowerChrome or ATI Purple Plus?

    Dan Flavin’s “Re-imagining Architecture with Fabricated Light” series inadvertently portrays blue dominated reef lighting well. It was just about the blues; now suddenly it’s the pinks. After the success of the KZ Fiji Purple and the just-off-the-mark ATI ProCoral, pink is becoming the new actinic–that is after actinic became the new daylight. D-D / Giesemann […]

    New ATI Purple Plus T5 Lamp

    Say hello to the new ATI Purple Plus T5 lamp. ATI’s answer to the popular KZ Fiji Purple provides a blue spectrum that mirrors ATI’s Blue Plus lamp, but also provides some nice warm spikes in the 600 – 700 range. What’s interesting is ATI’s revamped website no longer lists their ATI Pro Color. The […]