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    Custom ATB Slim Line Skimmer Boasts Double Bubble Plate

    I’m in the process of overhauling some of the basic filtration items on the glassbox, one of which happens to be the skimmer. Not because the current ATB Small External is not good enough, rather, I have a compulsion to try new equipment. I suppose it comes with the territory. Victor at ATB USA has […]

    Go Giga or Go Home. ATB’s Largest Deluxe Skimmer is an Animal

    Check out these fresh pictures of the largest ATB Deluxe Skimmer. ATB’s gargantuan Giga Deluxe Cone skimmer stands 5’9″ tall (1.75m) and slopes upwards from a  a 24″ conical body. It is powered by 3 Airstar 3000 pumps (Askoll 4200 motorblock), with a foot print of 40″ x40″. The standard Giga is powered by 2  x […]

    ATB Deluxe Skimmers Are Coming, Internals Seen For First Time

    The new ATB Deluxe line  is trickling in to the United States featuring TCT –triple cone technology and DBP— a double bubble plate. A few lucky customers have picked up these new designs in external configurations. Shown below is the Deluxe 8.5 External  powered by an ATB Mini Airstar. The sicce motorblock is not intended to run externally, […]

    Teaser Photos of ATB DeluXe Skimmer Line

    Here are two fresh photos of the new ATB DeluXe Skimmer line straight from Austria. We don’t have all the information at this point, but I would feel guilty if I kept such finely hand crafted filter photos to myself.  You may remember some similar looking ATB skimmers with a different name on GBD a […]

    New ATB Model 2009 External Cone Skimmer

    ATB has created the Model 2009 Cone Skimmer to suit the needs of the most demanding aquarists. Despite their performance, in the past I have had the lingering feeling that the ATB External Cone Skimmers have been an in-sump design modified for external use. The Model 2009 squashes those feelings with a large base plate and some […]