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    MACNA XXI : Aquavitro Salinity Salt

    Seachem has continued to develop and expand their Aquavitro line of supplements thanks to their new Salinity Salt mix. Salinity salt will be made by Seachem in house using a proprietary mix of elements to provide what they are calling a high concentrated salt–meaning less salt will be required to hit 35ppt. The exact parameter […]

    New Aquavitro Salinity Salt from Seachem

    Aquavitro’s new Salinity salt is aimed at the natural seawater parameter (NSW) crowd which is popular among ULNS users. Aquavitro is Seachem’s new brand that is aimed at the advanced aquarist. Many of the products are improvements or spin offs from the original Seachem line. Salinity salt mix is no different. Seachem gaurantees that Salinity […]