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    Vasconcelo Gives LPS Aquascaping Clinic

    Our European blogging friends over at H20 + Something recently featured the impressive reef tank of Artur Vasconcelo. The near 1,000g system is filled with plenty of gadgets, a tank room that would make you jealous, and a shoal of surgeons that would put the Tang Police in shock. Even with all that, for me, the most […]

    Emaco R400 Architectural Cement Is An Aquascaper’s Best Friend

    One of my favorite Aquascaping tools that I’ve ever used is Thorite Cement. It has proven to be reef safe in small quantities (still use caution and your brains when adding to an aquarium). Many people, including public aquariums, have used this with success to create large, stable rock structures. Simply put, it is a […]

    Glassbox Update | Building a Pinnacle Rock Structure

    I know–an update on the glassbox has been overdue. The tank has admittedly not gotten much attention until recently. Over the past few weeks I’ve engaged in a glassbox ‘audit’. If a rock or coral did not ‘add positively’ to the tank it was either rearranged or removed. It was a difficult process, but this […]

    Aquascaping the glassbox

    Everything is still settling in to the glassbox and updates will be postponed for a while until corals color back up. In the mean time here’s a peak at the current liverock layout with some of my own ramblings on aquascaping.  The liverock used here is 25 pounds of Premium’s Cured Bali Alor and it is […]

    Aquascaping Inspiration on Twitter / Flickr

    via flickr : cc : changomorado Thanks to a tweet by Cerven of NanoReefBlog we stumbled across a great set of reef scene photos on flickr, perfect for aquascaping inspiration… or a kick in the rear to scrape the glass during these warm summer months. Check out all the underwater reefscape images. For the non-twitter users, tweet: to post […]

    Coral Magazine Jan-Feb 2009 Issue – New Site, Aquascape Contest, No T5s?

    This past weekend I had the opportunity to sit down and read the January/February  2009 issue of Coral Magazine. (If you are not subscribed to Coral, I strongly suggest it. I would not hesitate to say that Coral is one of the top reef publications–both in print and online.) In typical Coral/Koralle fashion, this recent issue is […]