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    Trace Elements, Potential Effects on Coral Color and Zooxanthellae

    Photo by Eric Lafforgue I was recently asked a few questions regarding trace elements and my current dosing regimen. I am not completely ready to share that, but here are some ramblings from that initial dialogue. Dana Riddle has an article coming up on trace elements and coral coloration that we all should be looking forward […]

    Up Close and Personal with ATB Cone Skimmer

    Since day one, ATB has been at the top of the cone skimmer pack. With the accompanying fanfare, it has developed a large following by users and non-users across the forums for its effective design and terrific customer service. At this early stage I cannot give a final conclusion, but my experiences so far are beginning to […]

    Profilux Rolling Out New Additions

    Matthias Gross and the GHL/Profilux team have been busy over the past year conjuring up new additions to push the Profilux Controller into new territory. The first new addition is a simple, but nice feature–a waterproof outdoor grade controller. The Profulux II Outdoor will be available this April in a new waterproof housing and a water protected […]

    The Glassbox gets Sand, Clean Up Crew and Calcinus cf. elegans

    This past weekend the glassbox said goodbye to the beloved bare bottom (no substrate) method and incorporated a 1-2″ sand substrate. Although a bare bottom system makes maintaining a clean tank extremely easy and simple, I cannot stand coralline algae and to keep the bottom pane clean with a razor blade takes a considerable amount […]

    Gifts from Blue Harbor Aquarium Factory in Japan – 2009 Calendar

    Angelfish afficionado John Coppolino recently made his way back home from his trip to Japan, but before leaving Koji Wada, owner of Blue Harbor Aquarium, passed along a little gift for myself–Blue Harbor’s 2009 Calendar and a copy of the Winter 2008 Issue of Marine Aquarist magazine. In Japan, Blue Harbor’s calendar is popular for the […]

    Wave Station Rimless Aquariums & Stands | Simple, Clean and Rimless

    The new Wave Station rimless aquariums and stands are just touching down in the UK. The new company, Wave, looks to have created a success as this simple design is difficult to argue with; a low iron rimless tank sitting on a tasteful white, or black, gloss stand. The design blends European and Asian aquarium […]