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    RoboSnail Wants to Clean Your Aquarium: More Info on the Aqua-Roomba

    Remember the RoboSnail–that roomba-like automated aquarium cleaner? Yeah, we spoke with the inventor and AquaGenesis President Milan Rafailovich to see get more information on the product and see  (1) if the product is really applicable and (2) what it can actually do. The first question that came to mind when first seeing the RoboSnail was […]

    Patented RoboSnail is a Roomba for Your Reef

    Imagine an automated glass cleaner–like a roomba for your home floors but instead of floors it cleaned the aquarium glass, automatically. We’ve all thought of it, and now AquaGenesis has made a reality with their RoboSnail. Well sort of, they’ve given us a brief video clip and a product image. Here’s what they have to […]