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    Hands On with TMC’s Aquabeam 500 and 1000HD LED Light Modules

    Late yesterday we received a large package and too much surprise it was TMC’s AquaRay line of aquarium LED lighting. These have been available in the UK for sometime now, but this is the first shipment of TMC LEDs to the US of A, through LAX wholesaler Quality Marine. TMC kindly sent us two AquaBeam […]

    More on TMC’s AquaBeam 1000HD LED Light

    via : Gris @ TMC & Neil @ UR Last month we shared some information on Tropical Matine Centre’s (TMC) new AquaBeam 1000HD and GroBeam 100HD LED lighting units, expanding on their Modular AquaRay LED Strips. More recently, fellow blogger Owen JamesĀ @AquaDaily tweeted a link to an interesting thread on UltimateReef–the UK’s premier reef aquarium […]

    TMC’s New GroBeam1000 and AquaBeam1000 Ultra HD LED Lights

    seoul semiconductor p7 : creative commons : lewong Tropical Marine Center has progressed from their Aqua Ray modular LED strip lighting, moving up to the AquaBeam and GroBeam line of high intensity (“hight density” HD) LEDs, likely similar to the SSC P7 LED shown above. The units are said to measure 20 x 20 cm […]