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    Aqua Light Couples Fiber Optics with LED Aquarium Lights

    German based Aqua Light has included a ‘fiber optic’ bar with its latest Eco Light high intensity LED aquarium light, to allow complete control and directability. This light was revealed to the public at InterZoo 2010, but many questions still remain on the usability of this design. The standard Aqua Light Eco Light LED luminaire […]

    Aqua Light Hybrid T5 + LED Giant Flash Luminaire

    German lighting manufacturer Aqua Light has come out with a new 48″ hybrid T5 and LED fixture that they are calling the GIANT Flash LED lighting system. The fixture houses 2 banks of t5s (4 bulbs total) powered by DALI dimmable ballasts while also featuring individual reflectors and active cooling. For some additional PAR and […]