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    Video Demo of the AI Sol Nano Touch Interface

    The Aqua Illumination’s AI Sol Nano and its touch control interface was a true MACNA crowd pleaser. Unveiled just this pas weekend, the Nano Sol’s intuitive control system was liked by nearly everyone, including many non-english speakers who have grown tired of translating control screens for their favorite aquarium gadgets. At half the size of […]

    Aqua Illumination (AI) LEDs Get Royal Blue Treatment

    Aqua Illumination has announced they will be adding a new AI Sol Super Blue color option their best-in-class LED light. As we showed you in our initial Aqua Illumination LED Review, the first models came equipped with two Cree XP-G Cool Whites for every one Cree XP-E Blue, for a 2w : 1b color combination. […]

    Gen 1 Aqua Illumination Gets XP-G Upgrade Kit

    To the joy of early AI adopters, Aqua Illumination has just released their generation 1 upgrade kit; allowing the first gen AI LEDs to fully swap out the driver, optics and LEDs to gain the efficiencies of the latest AI model.  For $250 users will receive: 8 – AI LED Puck Assemblies – 2 Cree […]

    New AI Wave: XP Based LED Light Bars

    Take a look at Aqua Illumination’s newest, yet to be named AI WAVE LED lighting solution. Based on the Cree XP-E and first in class XP-G, these AI tubes will provide one of the most energy efficient lighting options available for marine aquarists. The lights are said to be driven at ~350mA, taking advantage of […]

    Aqua Illumination LED Hanging Kit in Photos

    Aqua Illumination has released these images of their hanging kit for their latest Cree XP-G based LED aquarium light. The hanging kit plays off their modular leg mounting system, but without the associated clutter. This is a boon for rimless aquarium owners who wish to keep the top of their aquarium open. This hanging rack […]

    Unboxing the New Aqua Illumination LED Module

    The newly redesigned Aqua Illumination LED reef aquarium light fixture is officially in house for testing by GBD. Aqua Illumination kindly sent us one of their first models for an exclusive review–a special thanks to Chris and the AI crew. After delays from overhauling the fixture to incorporate the latest Cree XP-G LED, the new […]