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    New Deepwater Anthias Species from Japan

    At every MACNA the fish geeks become the industry’s equivalent of a drug dealer share their addiction. With a quick innocent looking handshake, an 8gb flash drive is exchanged with more fish “p0rn” than what was previously known to man. This particular flash drive was a rare LE Flash drive–it came from Japan. This MACNA was […]

    Steinhart’s Anthias Dominated Deep Reef in HD

    Last week I found myself in San Francisco which allowed for a quick browsing of the Steinhart Aquarium and the rest of the California Academy of Sciences. I was fortunate enough to catch up with Steinhart Biologists and aquarium pros, Rich Ross and Matt Wandell who showed me some of the behind the scene tanks […]

    Sailfin Anthias (Rabaulichthys) Enters the Trade

    While at LiveAquaria I had the chance to observe and photograph one of the first Rabaulichthys Anthias to make its way to the U.S., via wholesaler Russo’s Reef. This genus is commonly referred to as Sailfin Anthias for their large dorsal fin, as seen in the photo below of Rabaulichthys altipinnis by Dr. Jack Randall. The […]

    M. filiferus puts the Mega in Meganthias

    Many hobbyists consider the Holanthias genus to be the bull headed oddity of the Serranidae family. While this may be true,  the Meganthias genus makes Holanthias look like  dwarves!  The Meganthias genus was first “created” by Randall and Heemstra in 2006, based off two species previously described: Meganthias natalensis from South Africa (photo above) and […]

    The Anthias Jumps… Err Where Did It Go?

    Last weekend the bizarre happened in my home. I am not sure the odds, but surely greater than one in a million. I am a bit embarrassed to even share this…! ____________________________________________ After two weeks of cupramine treatment followed by formalin dips the Lyretail Anthias were ready to go into the glassbox. Being so small […]

    Mike and Brandon Photograph the Glassbox

    Over the weekend two local reefers, Mike Clifford and Brandon Taylor, stopped by to check out the glassbox and take some photos. Here are a few of them. The first Roaops Hybrid photo is my own, but the rest are all from Mike and Brandon. My fish can be extremely difficult to photograph. When people […]