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    Commence Drooling: Juv. Clarion x Passer Hybrid Angelfish

    Holacanthus clarionensis x Holacanthus passer Even among the old salts that witnessed the days of “Clarion commonness” during the Red Sea craze, few have seen a Clarion Passer Hybrid Angelfish in person. Even fewer have seen a juvenile specimen this small. This 3.5″ Juvenile Clarion x Passer hybrid is one of the most memorable fish […]

    Copps’ Reef in HD: Acros and Angels Galore

    If you’re reading this site you’ve likely heard his name before–John Coppolino, or Copps, is a top notch aquarists with a knack for landing some of the rarest fish available and for growing some impeccably colored corals. He’s also the biggest angelfish lover in the industry and a good friend of mine. A few weeks […]

    Angelfishes of the World

    Kiyoshi Endoh’s eye candy filled book Angelfishes of the World is a must have for fish enthusiasts and angelfish lovers. The individual fish descriptions provided in the book may not be the most complete, but you will be hard pressed to find a single source with more information and photos on some of the most […]

    New Species of Angelfish Described

    The Singapore or Vermiculated Angelfish (Chaetodontoplus mesoleucus) is a long time favorite in the hobby for its stunning coloration and inquisitive personality. They are relatively affordable, and commonplace these days. A much lesser known “variant” out of Palau has been identified for some time and collected infrequently. Our good friend John Coppolino saw one this […]

    Apolemichthys Hybrid and the Armitage Angelfish

    This past week GBD contributor Tetsuo Otake received an Apolemichthys hybrid. It is most likely¬†Apolemichthys xanthurus x Apolemichthys trimaculatus. Similar fish were imported to Japan and sold for a hefty sum, but this particular specimen damaged its mouth–nothing some additional care cannot take care of.¬† For the Pomacanthidae lovers, you’d know this hyrbid is also […]

    4 Wild Centropyge interruptus arrive in the US

    This is not a lucid dream. 4 wild Centropyge interruptus have made their way to the U.S. through Cultivated Coral. These specimens are roughly 5″ and retailing for $1,700 each–modest considering their wholesale value.¬† If you have ever thought of buying one of these rare angels, remember these are a cool sub-tropical species and require […]