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    Amphiprion mccullochi from LiveAquaria in HD Video

    When it comes to rare fish, Amphiprion mccullochi is a great example of sustainability within the trade. The fish shown in this video are actually first generation captive raised specimens from Ryan’s Reef in Australia. They were then grown out and paired up by Kevin Kohen and the LiveAquaria crew. Today they spawn like clockwork, […]

    17 Day Old Mccullochi Clownfish from LiveAquaria

    Live Aquaria is having steady success in breeding the rare Mccullochi Clownfish (Amphiprion mccullochi). Check out this 17 day old Mcculloch’s that already has stripe development!  See more information on Amphiprion mccullochi here. [via Melissa @ LA]

    LiveAquaria Doesn’t Hesitate with Mccullochi Clownfish Rearing

    LiveAquaria didn’t waste anytime in preparing to rear the extremely rare Mcculloch’s Clownfish, after having the species spawn for the first time in the U.S.. We shared the initial Amphiprion mccullochi spawning nearly two weeks ago. Now full breeding attempts are underway for hopefully the second individual to ever breed this species in captivity. The entire […]

    First Spawning of Rare McCulloch’s Clownfish in the US

    Term of the day: ROI (re-turn-on-in-vest-ment) For the first time in the United States, and likely anywhere outside of Australia, the rare McCulloch’s Clownfish (Amphiprion mccullochi) has spawned in captivity–laying eggs and opening the possibility of a rearing attempt stateside. As the cover photo suggested, this has occured  in Rhinelander, Wisconsin under the care of […]

    Diver’s Den shows Amphiprion mccullochi to North America at $6K

    While they are now getting notoriety for it, they were not the first.  These actually landed on the East Coast a month and a half ago!…However, given the widespread following of Live Aquaria’s Diver’s Den, for most this was the first talk of these entering the States. For such a rare fish, they did enter […]

    Rare Fish | Mccullochi Clowns coming to the U.S.

    Photo of Amphiprion mccullochi via Eye Catching Coral. Mcculloch’s Clowns (Amphiprion mccullochi) will be brought into the States for what is likely the first time and for a good chunk of change. Expect a $3-5K+ price tag for these unique clowns that are only found at Lorde Howe–a United Nations World Heritage Site. I have not heard […]