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    AI Wave Is An Extendable PAR Monster

    Who would have thought such unassuming tubes could pack the PAR? These new 12″ AI Wave LED tubulars bars were hitting 100 ┬Ámol/sec/m2(PAR) on this 15 g aquarium. [UPDATE: The AI Wave has since been renamed to the befitting AI Flare]. Each 12″ AI Flare packs 5 Cree XP LEDs, with whites boasting the latest […]

    New AI Wave: XP Based LED Light Bars

    Take a look at Aqua Illumination’s newest, yet to be named AI WAVE LED lighting solution. Based on the Cree XP-E and first in class XP-G, these AI tubes will provide one of the most energy efficient lighting options available for marine aquarists. The lights are said to be driven at ~350mA, taking advantage of […]