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    Glassbox Lighting: LEDs, LEDs and some JP Metal Halide for Good Measure

    Yesterday, those of you that are following us on Facebook, got a top down glimpse of the glassbox. (If you’re on FB, you can find us here). Included in the image were plenty of LED reflections coming from the light rack up above which spurred questions on what lighting is currently being used. Some you […]

    Aqua Illumination (AI) LEDs Get Royal Blue Treatment

    Aqua Illumination has announced they will be adding a new AI Sol Super Blue color option their best-in-class LED light. As we showed you in our initial Aqua Illumination LED Review, the first models came equipped with two Cree XP-G Cool Whites for every one Cree XP-E Blue, for a 2w : 1b color combination. […]