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    The Cube Garden Superior is Glassbox Art

    If there is one aquarium company that has embraced the simplicity of a “glassbox”, it is Aqua Design Amano. Commonly referred to as ADA, their cube gardens feature beveled, high clarity glass and minimally visible adhesive, making them some of the most attractive aquariums in the world. The Cube Garden Superior takes that all to […]

    Simplicity: Viktor’s ADA Cube Garden Mini M in HD

    GBD was in some desparate need of some green. Enter Viktor Lantos’ beautiful freshwater ADA Cube Garden Mini M. The first video was taken 3 months ago, the second was shared just 3 days ago. Hats off to Viktor.

    Aqua Design Amano’s Nature Aquarium Gallery on Film

    Check out this clip of Aqua Design Amano’s (ADA) beautiful Nature Aquarium Gallery in Nigita, Japan. See why Takashi Amano’s work has established his name throughout the world.

    Beautiful Glass Cube Aquarium Stand From ADA

    Again Aqua Design Amano shows off its creativity and style, this time with a new aquarium stand made from glass. The Glass cube cabinet comes in clear ¬†or mist, a sandblasted glass that gives a frosted look. It is the same glass used in the construction of ADA’s rimless garden cube aquariums, making the two […]

    ADA’s Nature Aquarium Gallery – Living Art

    Aqua Design Amano ¬†continues to be the epitome of modern aquariums around the world. Their Nature Aquarium Gallery in Niigata, Japan shows off the comapnies products and the creative genius of Takashi Amano. ADA has been venturing into reef aquariums, but their expertise most definitely lies with freshwater planted tanks. Nonetheless you don’t have to […]