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    Crank the Bass: Study Finds Coral Larvae Move Towards Sound

    A recent study has found that coral larvae can ‘hear’ sound and actually swim towards reef noise. Now scientists fear that noise pollution from humans may interfere with the sexual reporduction of important reef building coral species, such as Acropora. Using speakers, scientists were able to show that coral larvae responded to acoustic cues that […]

    Polyp Nipping and SPS, It’s Only Natural

    I frequently get asked, Do your Butterflyfish pick at your corals? The answer is always the same–Yes, all the time, but I primarily keep SPS corals. Angelfish, Butterflyfish, even Tangs may take a nip at your beloved Acropora collection, but at the end of the day the net effect on SPS is minimal. Polyp extension […]

    Cryogenically Frozen Coral for the Future?

    The London Zoological society is now in the initial planning stages of a world “coral cryobank”, a short hand reference for the cryogenic technology they’ll use to freeze numerous coral species to preserve them for the future. This is possible thanks to the work of Craig Downs of the Haereticus Environmental Laboratory who found a […]

    Trace Elements, Potential Effects on Coral Color and Zooxanthellae

    Photo by Eric Lafforgue I was recently asked a few questions regarding trace elements and my current dosing regimen. I am not completely ready to share that, but here are some ramblings from that initial dialogue.┬áDana Riddle has an article coming up on trace elements and coral coloration that we all should be looking forward […]

    New Photos of Anagonbe’s Alluring Reef

    We covered this stunning Japanese Acropora dominated reef tank last month, but these new photos are too good not to share. Enjoy. For more information on this truly incredible aquarium, check out our previous write up: Anagonbe’s Alluring Reef.